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As far as the PCR is concerned, I would also suggest that you go to the web
site of the man that won the Nobel Prize for it, Kary Mullis, Ph.D.  Go to
yahoo or any other web server and look him up.  I was told that he answers

Another benefit would be to read about his views regarding HIV and the use
of the PCR.  He stated in an interview that I watched, that the PCR cannot
be used for determining viral loads.  You will never get accurate numbers.
According to Dr. Mullis, the numbers you will get will always be higher than

Gregory Casey


Alkami Biosystems wrote:

> If you're interested in PCR protocol references, visit the regularly
> updated Alkami Biosystems homepage at http://www.alkami.com. Here you
> will find reference resources that cover the basics of primer design,
> reagent concentrations, polymerase characteristics, temperature
> calculations, and more (see "PCR Links" on the Alkami Biosystems
> homepage menu).
> The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been referred to as arguably the
> most outstanding biotechnological invention to date and is rapidly
> becoming a standard technique in molecular biology research.
> Are YOU Utilizing the Power and Potential of PCR?
> Thanks for any comments you may have and we hope you find this a useful
> link for your research.
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