Kingdom Prokaryotae and archaebacteria

Gregory LaMont Casey gcasey at postoffice.pacbell.net
Mon Sep 28 01:13:15 EST 1998

I was wondering if the archaebacteria is still a subkingdom or K.
Prokaryotae?  According to a book that I was reading concerning
bacteria, the archaebacteria, is in its own kingdom.

The author's premise is that since archaebacteria has a different
molecular structure and differs in the number of lipids, certain
enzymes, ribosomal RNA, etc., from eubacteria, it is therefore,
considered its own kingdom.  I am aware of the differences of
archaebacteria, but was taught that it was a subkingdom.

If it is a kingdom, then do we have six kingdoms or is it still five?

Any thoughts regarding this topic, please email.

Gregory Casey

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