'Undeliverable' messages

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Sun Sep 27 08:09:54 EST 1998

Stefanie sent this:

>Alec Gallagher wrote:
>> On the past couple of occasions that I have posted to this newsgroup, I get
>> an 'undeliverable message' return, despite the fact that my message appears
>> on the newsgroup!  Does anyone else have this problem, or can anyone explain
>> why this should happen?
>> Yours, in the expectation of another 'undeliverable' return message,
>> Alec
>I never would have thought such a short message could relieve me such as
>this one! After all I am not a complete idiot. Unfortunately, I have no
>solution to the shared problem!

My hypothesis is that some of the people who subscribed to this newsgroup 
via email changed their email addresses and didn't unsubscribe with the 
old one. Therefore, when we "reply to all," our postings get sent to no 
longer existing email addresses. (I get more than one "undeliverable") 
when I post to the group via email. So I suppose I should suggest that if 
any of you email subscribers get a new ISP or email address, cancel your 
old one with this group and resubscribe with your new address.

Yersinia<---who *knows* she will get undeliverables when she posts this...

"Mycelium is Yourcelium"

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