Trimethoprim solution

Alec Gallagher alec at colindal.globalnet.co.uk
Wed Sep 23 12:57:56 EST 1998

Jose E. Mejia wrote in message ...
>Does anyone know which solvent can be used to prepare a trimethoprim stock
>solution? Trimethoprim (poorly soluble in water) would be used as an
>antibiotic in E. coli growth media.
>Many thanks!
>J.E. Mejia
>jmejia at worf.molbiol.ox.ac.uk

I vaguely recall that it goes better in a phosphate buffered solution.  But
the best people to ask are the technical department at Sigma Chemicals,
based in Poole, UK (sorry, haven't got their phone number to hand).  You ARE
using Sigma reagents, AREN'T YOU?!


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