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>Hello everyone,
>Does anyone know since when did certain species of Microccus (M. varians, 
>M. roseus, M. kristinae) get a genus name change to Kokuria? I just found 
>out this week when some organisms I set up on API Staph did not "code 
>out" in the index, and their telephone database listed those profiles as 
>good identifications for "Kokuria" varians/roseus, etc.
>Also, what are the characteristics of the apparently new genus Kokuria 
>which distinguish it from Micrococcus?
>"Mycelium is Yourcelium"

The relevant paper is: 
Stackebrandt et al (1995) Taxonomic dissection of the genus 
Micrococcus:...Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol., 1995, 45(4): 682-692.

The API database was updated Feb of this year.

Micrococcus now contains two species M. luteus and M. lylae, the rest of the 
genus is divided up into phylogenetic groups of related species in four 
genera - Kocuria (roseus, varians and kristinae); Nesterenkonia (halobia); 
Dermacoccus (nishinomiyaensis) and Kytococcus (sedentarius)


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