vaccine against mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

pk11 pk11 at prak
Thu Sep 17 05:41:26 EST 1998

A group of bioproces engineering students on the Wageningen agriculture
university is doing a research project on the possibilities for a
multisubunit vaccine against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (infection in pigs).

We're trying to take the best antigens to make a vaccine with (ISCOM or
Liposome vaccine). After reading a bunch of litterature we made the decision
to use: P97 and P46 antigen.
Does anyone knows this is a good descision, has anyone other thoughts ?
Because we are nog quite sure.
Also the vaccine-choice, (ISCOM or Liposome-vaccine) we found that
live-attenuated vaccines didn't work properly, but will our vaccine work ?
Can anyone give us some more information ? All is welcome !!

This is a litterature-case-study, we are not going to do practical work.
Please contact us at:

Pk11 at prak@pk.wau.nl
thank you
Joris Dhont

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