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> when some bacteria grow in grape juice it called vinegar.  should
> pasteurize grape juice
> Michael
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> On 9 Sep 1998, Modem wrote:
> > PJ>I have been seing listserv messages for the past few months on the hazards
> > PJ>of unpasteurized Apple juice. I understand the hazards inherent with
> > PJ>drinking this type of juice, but I was wondering, is apple juice the only
> > PJ>juice needing to be pasteurized? If not then why hasn't there been any
> > PJ>postings about Orange juice, or grapefruit juice problems?
> >
> > PJ>Peter Smith
> >
> >
> >
> > Supposedly citrur juices are too acid for bacteria to be a concern.
> > Haven't heard any thing about other juices such as grape.

e.coli 0157.H7 can survive in fairly acid environments and cold environments
and I believe orange juice is vulnerable.  On the other hand, with oranges we
usually discard the skin so the problem that apples have, namely, falling
into feces contamination and then being ground into cider, doesn't crop up so
easily. I don't know about grapes.  Deer feces can carry the above bacterius
as can cattle feces.  However, we don't usually use grapes that have touched
the ground.  See our Web Site http://FarmMd.com and click on Apple Cider (and
then on HACCP for more info if you like).

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