DNATools 5.1

Søren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Tue Sep 15 02:07:48 EST 1998

DNATools, for Windows 95/98 and NT

Software for DNA sequence analysis.


  Simultaneously handles several thousand sequences.
  Extracts subgroups of sequences into separate projects.
  Stores text and data information with each sequence.
  Searches entire projects with text or sequence strings.
  Creates various reports summarising project data.
  Generates microtiter arrays of unique clones.
  Batch renames multiple sequence files.
  Creates restriction maps and/or lists of matches.
  Searches with defined subgroups of restriction sites.
  Creates user-defined search data files.
  Imports/edits/creates restriction enzyme data files.
  Translates single DNA sequences.
  Displays the Mw, pI and AA composition of proteins.
  Auto-translates all DNA sequences of a project.
  Finds longest open reading frames in a sequence.
  Imports and/or creates codon usage tables.
  Back-translates peptide sequences.
  Creates, extracts and analyses SAGE data.
  Facilitates entering and analysing sequencing primers.
  Creates email order forms for ordering primers.
  Calculates DNA concentration.
  Auto-opens and views multiple text files.
  Auto-backups your data at pre-set intervals.
  Includes context sensitive help for all functions.

Get a demo copy from swr at crc.dk

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