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Simon Burton simon at sandy.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 14 04:45:50 EST 1998

8th Symposium of the

St. Andrews University, 17th-18th September, 1998
Lecture Theatre D, Bute Building, South Street, St. Andrews
Central St Andrews consists of 4 parallel streets, which run west to
east., The Scores, North Street, Market Street and South Street. The
Bute Building can be found off South Street between Queen’s Gardens to
the west, Abbey Street to the east and Queen’s Terrace to the south. A
lane leads south from South Street past the Psychology building after
which you will find the Bute building on your right.

SMS membership is 3 pounds student and 6 pounds professional.

Further information on the society can be found on our web site
http://www.strath.ac.uk/Departments/BioSci/Sms1.htm or by e-mailing
Simon Burton on
simon at sandy.demon.co.uk

http://www.standrews.co.uk or from St. Andrews & N. E. Fife Tourist
70 Market Street, St. Andrews.

Thursday 17th September

10.00 - 10.25  Registration and coffee
10.25   Welcome/information
10.30   Valerie Smith (Gatty Marine Laboratory)
   ‘Antibacterial defence in marine invertebrates’
10.50   Sylvain Eschenlauer (Rowett Research Institute)
‘Molecular biology of the rumen ciliated protozoan Entodinium gaudatum’
11.10   Lynn Thomson (Aberdeen University)
   ‘Molecular and cell biology of O-mannosylation in Candida’
11.30   Guest Lecture: Dr Robert Sommerville (Neuropathogenesis
Unit, Institute for Animal Health, Edinburgh
‘Does the biology of TSEs inform their biochemistry?’
12.15-13.30  Lunch
13.30   David Williams (Dundee University)
   ‘Cyanobacteria and their toxins’
13.50   Peiter van West (Aberdeen University)
   ‘Gene silencing in Phytophthora’
14.10   Guest Lecture: Dr Jim Duncan (Scottish Crop Research Institute)
   ‘Molecular identification and detection of Phytophthora’
14.50   Coffee/poster session
15.30   Betty Lodolo (South African Breweries)
   ‘Microbiological research at South African Breweries’
15.50   William MacKay (Robert Gordon University)
   ‘Biofilms in drinking water systems - possible reservoir for
Helicobacter pylori’
16.10   Guest Lecture: Dr Peter Gilbert (Manchester University)
   ‘Biofilms: a ubiquitous problem of control’
17.10   Wine/snacks/posters
18.30   Buffet/social evening - Coffee area, Bute Building

Friday, 18th September

9.00   Alison Walton (Gatty Marine Laboratory)
   ‘Study of viral infections in crustaceans using gene probes’
9.20   Simon Burton (Strathclyde University)
   ‘Studies in sustainable techniques for the cost effective treatment
of landfill
pollutants in situ’
9.40   Peter Stenbro-Olsen (Dundee City Council)
   ‘The big thermophile’
10.00   Michelle Collister (Dundee University)
   ‘yil 113: a novel yeast protein phosphatase’
10.20   Coffee and poster session
10.45   Guest Lecture: Professor Willie C. Russell (Biomedical Sciences,
University of St
Andrews University)
   ‘Observations on BSE and public panic’
11.45   Scottish Microbiology Society - AGM

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