photoreactivation science fair project

John P. Hegarty jph10 at psu.edu
Sat Sep 12 00:13:53 EST 1998

I probably owe my initial interest in microbiology to a science fair project
(when I was in 9th grade, 1979). I examined photoreactivation of T4
bacteriophage (germicidal UV inactivation, blue light reactivation, & plaque
counts). Interesting subject and all the supplies were (and still are)
available by mail to high schools from Carolina Biological Supply in North

John Hegarty, Penn State - Env. Micro.
(thymine dimers & all points in between..)

Tammy Patton wrote in message ...
I am a high school biology teacher looking for suggestions on a science fair
project dealing with photoreactivation.

Does anyone know what type of organism is most easily photoreactivated?  We
are wondering if this type of project would be easy to do in a high school
setting.  Appreciative of any help you may be able to provide,

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