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Keith Joblin joblink at agresearch.cri.nz
Thu Sep 10 17:21:04 EST 1998

Situation Vacant


A research position exists at AgResearch Grasslands, Palmerston North, New Zealand for 
a postdoctoral researcher to work in rumen microbiology. The appointee will 
investigate microbes and microbial processes involved in methane formation in the 
rumen microbial ecosystem. The aim is to identify and understand microbial factors so 
that strategies can be developed to minimise methane emissions from grazing ruminants. 
This will be a 2 year appointment starting in July, 1998. Please send Curriculum Vitae 
to joblink at agresearch.cri.nz by October 10.

Duties will include:

· developing batch culture and chemostat methods for culturing methanogens  and 
non-methanogenic hydrogenotrophs. 

· purifying, culturing, and identifying ruminal hydrogenotrophs from high- and 
low-methane producing sheep.

· developing PCR primer methods and 16S rDNA/RNA probe technologies for monitoring 
hydrogenotrophic populations in the rumen and in in vitro cultures.
· identifying ecological factors affecting ruminal hydrogenotrophic populations. 
· writing reports. 

Person Specification

The person will have postgraduate, preferably postdoctoral, experience in anaerobic or 
rumen microbiology or an interest in developing new methods for controlling microbial 
activities in the rumen ecosystem. Experience in applying molecular biological 
techniques to  the monitoring, identification or screening of micro-organisms will be 
of benefit. The appointee will be self motivating, able to work independently and have 
good communication skills.
For further information, contact:  Dr Keith Joblin at Agresearch in Palmerston North, 
New Zealand at joblink at agresearch.cri.nz ;   Fax 64-6-351 8003.  I will be overseas 
until Oct 13 and will reply after this.

Living Environment and Background to the Position

The starting salary will be in the range $(NZ) 40-43,000 depending upon experience and 
suitability for the position. The position is funded under a  NZ government research 
grant with good prospects for further funding. The appropriate person  should be able 
to establish the project as a career position in the Rumen Microbiology Unit of the 
Nutrition Group. 

AgResearch is a NZ government research institute which carries out research relating 
to pastoral agriculture. It is administered on a company structure and has 5 Divisions 
spread throughout NZ. The Rumen Microbiology Unit is part of a greater Nutrition group 
investigating ruminant digestion and metabolism. Research covers a range of topics and 
the unit has very good facilities and specialised equipment for investigating the 
physiology and molecular biology of obligate anaerobes. 

The unit is located at the Grasslands Research Centre of AgResearch at Palmerston 
North. Palmerston North, a University city of 75,000, is home to a range of government 
science research institutes. It has a temperate climate (no snow in winter) and is 
situated near a mountain range 30 km from the sea. The city provides a variety of 
sports facilities, theatres etc. 

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