Unpasteurized juices

Glen Tamura gtamura at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 8 17:19:25 EST 1998


Several outbreaks of E coli O157:H7 have been reported associated with
unpasteurized apple juice. There have been no reports associated with
other juices (citrus, pear, etc). My guess (and it is just a guess -
there's no data to go on) is that the reasons for this are several:
1) Citrus juices are too acidic for E. coli O157 (optimal pH for E coli
survival is 5-7, so there are actually data to support this). 
2) Other juices, such as pear juice, are very infrequently drunk
un-pasteurized, while fresh-pressed apple cider is very popular. Grape
juice is also popular, but I don't think its drunk fresh as often as
fresh-pressed apple cider. Also, grapes that hit the ground are usually
tossed, while apples on the ground can be picked up and used without
people being grossed out.

I personally wouldn't drink unpasteurized juices which seem similar to
apple cider (like pear), but think unpasteurized citrus juices are
probably fine. 

Glen Tamura

On Tue, 8 Sep 1998, Peter Smith wrote:

> I have been seing listserv messages for the past few months on the hazards
> of unpasteurized Apple juice. I understand the hazards inherent with
> drinking this type of juice, but I was wondering, is apple juice the only
> juice needing to be pasteurized? If not then why hasn't there been any
> postings about Orange juice, or grapefruit juice problems?
> Peter Smith

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