Unpasteurized juices

Phyllis Williams pwilliam at sinclair.edu
Tue Sep 8 09:21:28 EST 1998

Peter,  if you depend on the news media, you may not get information for a
variety of reasons...regional/local reporting, time, space,
etc....politics.....however, there have been problems with citrus juices.
In recent years, some citrus fruits have been selected genetically for
sweetness...therefore pH has gone up (less acidity)....acidity is
detrimental to the growth of many bacteria...so the sweeter juices that
are unpasteurized may be more likely to harbor bacteria.
   I have just been reading a book called "Spoiled" by R. Fox  it is
subtitled (paraphrasing)  Why our food is making us sick and what we can
do about it.  I am becoming more disturbed about our food supply after
reading this....I am already bordering on neurotic when it comes to food
safety anyway!  Fox discusses fruit juices among many other foods in her
book....chicken, hamburger, lettuce, seafood, salad bars, etc.....
Phyllis Williams, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH

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