Microbials Increase Farmers Profits

Arnold Parkinson ahp007 at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 7 21:49:14 EST 1998

Over the past 17 years or so we are now at the point where microbial soil
treatments are proven, both in independent scientific field tests and in
commercial use, to acheive the following main benefits:
1) They save the farmers money - they cost much less than chemical
2) They naturally reduce the need for and therefore the cost of pesticides
3) They increase the farmers cash crop yields from 20% to 40% - and
sometimes more.
4) They cause zero chemical pollution
5) By consequence, they very much improve the farmers operating profit.

Take no notice of these wise guys on this newsgroup who so pedantically deny
the above - yet obviously have never even heard of this 17 year old process
before. One wonders what their agenda might be. But we have seen the results
over and over again and with virtually every crop in any basic soil
condition. True sustainable agriculture is here at last.

Mr farmer - the solution to your dwindling profits is staring you in the
face and frankly you would be foolish not to investigate further.

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Arnold Parkinson

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