Temperature in Bergey's Determinative?

Trevor Bryant tnb at soton.ac.uk
Mon Sep 7 09:56:22 EST 1998


Yes it does for most species

Trevor Bryant

Andras Szilagyi wrote:

> Hi,
> someone who has a copy of Bergey's latest Manual of _Determinative_
> Bacteriology at hand, please tell me: does the book include the optimum
> temperatures (or temperature ranges) for each species? Or is this
> information contained only in Bergey's four-volume Manual of _Systematic_
> Bacteriology?
> The "Systematic" Manual is hard for me to get, it is not found in any
> libraries near my place; but I could get the "Determinative" Manual more
> easily. I need, however, the temperature info for each species, and I'm
> not sure whether I can find them in the Deteminative Manual.
> Just send me a yes or no, saying whether or not the Determinative book
> includes temperatures. Thanks!
> Andras Szilagyi
> Inst. of Enzymology
> Hungarian Acad. Sci.

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