Autoclave times

Joyce Beauchamp jbeauch at bellatlantic.net
Sat Sep 5 11:56:20 EST 1998


This is not an easy answer.  There are multiple factors which you must
consider.  1) The type of container and number in the load.  2) The type
of autoclave you use - yes, this does make a difference.  3) The amount
of time it will take the contents to reach temperature, and the exhaust
I have experience with autoclaving 2- 4 or 5 liter quantities in glass 6
liter erlenmeyer or delong flasks. The autoclave had a 20x20 chamber. It
was an old gravity dispacement model which took a long time to reach
temperature. During exhaust, only the chamber exhausted. The jacket
remained pressurized. The exhaust time had to be increased to avoid boil
over because the flasks were over 1/2 filled and large quantities hold
heat longer. We timed the cycle for 35 minutes.  The entire cycle ran
about 65 minutes. Note: 6 minute exhaust is the minimum for liquid cycle
with an empty chamber.  If you exhaust a chamber with a 5 liter quantity
at that setting, it will boil over. You will have to increase the
exhaust time. Unless you must make such large quantities, don't!  It is
difficult, dangerous, and you risk carmelizing the media.  Good luck!

Joyce Beauchamp

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