How to create a mono-cellular life-form

George Tsimiklis gtsimi at po-box.mcgill.ca
Sat Sep 5 17:51:40 EST 1998

Do you mean, create a single-celled life form from its raw materials?  I think
this is a little out of anyones league...

There are way too many unknown factors (proteins etc...)  required for an
organism to perform basic life functions.  And to have each at their
physiological concentrations...?

Chan H. Chong wrote:

> I am a freshman biology student, and I need to know what the possibility of
> creating a single-celled life-form  is.
> I need to know what is the most probable way of approaching it.  What
> theories, chemical reactions, elements (beside Carbon, of course), bonds,
> and physics are behind creating a mono-cellular life-form  in a synthetic
> way.
> Any theory, hypothesis, or simple suggestion would be greatly thanked!
> -Sharon Hunting

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