Serodiagnosis Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Glen Tamura gtamura at u.washington.edu
Fri Sep 4 20:03:42 EST 1998

Alas, John, there is no way to use serodiagnosis to diagnose tuberculosis.
It would sure be nice! 

Diagnosis of tuberculosis is based upon either: 
1) Isolation of the organism or 
2) A positive skin test. The positive skin test is based upon cellular
immune responses to tuberculosis antigens placed intradermally (NOT
subcutaneously, but actually creating a bubble under the skin). A positive
reaction results in induration of the skin around the injection site. The
size of the induration determines whether one is "positive" or "negative". 

Many labs are working on developing serodiagnosis, because the skin test
is somewhat problematic. 

Glen Tamura

On Fri, 4 Sep 1998, John Kim wrote:

> I would appreciate if anyone can provide info regarding serodiagnosis
> Mycobacterium tuberculosis?
> John Kim
> Email: homeport at nuri.net

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