Living virus?

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Fri Sep 4 00:15:40 EST 1998

Forget all terminologies and theories.

You should read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick.

Not everything can be solved with science.  Sometimes an in-depth
imagination of possible fiction can do more than science.

Brian M Burkhart wrote in message <35EDB891.126A732E at hwi.buffalo.edu>...
>Stefanie Greve wrote:
>> What do you think might be an appropriate definition of life? The mere
>> existence of DNA or rather small Macromolecules as in Prions?
>Prions are not alive. They are a toxic substance produced in certain
organisms under specialized conditions.
>They are more of a toxin than anything else.  They exhibit their toxic
activity by converting a naturllay
>occurring protein into a malfolded, toxic one through template driven
assembly.  Viruses in many ways are
>similar.  Viruses appear to be 'escaped' genes that find a way to
reproduce.  So maybe prions are escaped
>proteins that find a way to reproduce.
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