How to create a mono-cellular life-form

Shaft qmorris at indiana.edu
Wed Sep 2 21:13:34 EST 1998

Is this some kind of joke? It sounds as if you want to create a new organism,
Sharon! If you want some background on this subject, I suggest you locate
copies of:

Orgel, L. E. The Origins of Life. New York: Wiley, 1973.
Miller, Stanley and Leslie Orgel. The Origins of Life on Earth. New Jersey:
Prentice-Hall, 1974.

Not much has changed since the early seventies on this subject.

You may try to get a hold of Stanley Miller by phone:

(619) 534-3365
(619) 534-6128

He is the world authority on life's early origins.

— shaft

PS the term is "UNIcellular"

Chan H. Chong wrote:

> I am a freshman biology student, and I need to know what the possibility of
> creating a single-celled life-form  is.
> I need to know what is the most probable way of approaching it.  What
> theories, chemical reactions, elements (beside Carbon, of course), bonds,
> and physics are behind creating a mono-cellular life-form  in a synthetic
> way.
> Any theory, hypothesis, or simple suggestion would be greatly thanked!
> -Sharon Hunting

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