autoclave times

Stefanie Greve S.Greve at tu-bs.de
Thu Sep 3 14:12:55 EST 1998

Chris Chilcott wrote:
> Could someone please tell me how long I need to autocalve 5 litres of media
> for, or should I autocalve it in smaller volumes.
> Regards
> Chris Chilcott

Hello, Chris!

This is from a laboratory manual:

Sterilizationtime 15 minutes at 121°C, 1 bar  PLUS heatingtime!

Volume to be sterilized	in ml		Heatingtime in min

up to 50 				5 
50 - 100				8
100 - 500 			       12
500 - 1000			       20

Out o fthis you can easily plot a regression curve and extrapolate to
the desired volume. 

I hope this helps you.



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