need help!

Jim Fete jfete at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 30 16:13:47 EST 1998

Why do you want to enter University??  You obviously want someone else to do
your assignments so the University thing must just be a way for you to snag
a husband!
Christer Viktorsson wrote in message
<85KX1.199$8W4.233510 at nntpserver.swip.net>...
>I'm a 19 year old college student from Sweden. I have a Report that has to
>be handed in by 6/11/98! But I have problems what to write and I really
>a decent grade in Biology to enter University...So if anyone of you want to
>help, please do so!
>I'll try to describe what we did on the lab and the questions the teacher
>wants us to answer:
>1) We looked at our own cheek cells under microscope (what a sight!!!)
>2) We looked at an onion cell under microscope
>3) We looked at Elodea under microscope
>*Discuss the difference between the cells!
>*Why did we compare 2 plant cells to 1 animal cell?
>*Write a conclusion/discussion!
>Then finally, we were suppose to draw what we saw under the microscope(from
>the cheek, onion and elodea cells). What I got was really messy and I can't
>lable them. So if anyone could help me with that as well I would be so

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