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fybog <fybog at NOSPAMhotmail.com> wrote...
> [..] I very much doubt that a group of terrorists are
> going to go out tomorrow and release anthrax spores in the middle of
> LA. They cannot be sure of their target, including the possiblity of
> killing themselves. 
The terrorists can protect themselves with either
easily obtainable cattle vaccine for anthrax, or
by simply taking some antibiotics.

Anthrax is easily obtained from soil or 
from cattle that have been killed by it
(a common disease of cattle in the US).

Any microbiologist can isolate and grow
large amounts of spores without any
special equipment- you could get
everything you need from K-Mart.

The spores can be 
spread in many different ways. Dust, dirt,
feathers, sawdust- all have been used
by the British and US for their anthrax bombs
since the 1940s. Dispersal can be as
simple tossing a handful of the spore carrier
into the air in a crowd of people or into a building's air
return duct.

To combat this threat we should recognize that
it is real, very likely, develop emergency plans,
conduct training, and establish stockpiles of the
appropriate antibiotics and vaccines. If antibiotics
are quickly made available to people exposed to anthrax
they can be protected quite well.

Of course, a good microbiologist would select for
an antibiotic resistant strain after isolating the
organism and prior to mass culture- also easy to do.
Passing the organism a couple of times through the
target host would allow selection for a "hot" strain.

All of this information has been broadcast to millions
of people in recent TV programs on biowarfare on
PBS and ABC or I would not be posting this message.
Regardless, every microbiologist knows how to
do these things. It is just too easy. We should all be 
more concerned and start advocating for the
appropriate preventative measures
to be taken without further delay, in my opinion.

-John Smith


-John Smith 

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