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fybog wrote in article >...
> Anyne who wanted to grow anthrax and wanted to be vaccinated first
> would easily be able to find themselves a vaccine against it.
Would not anyone receiving an anthrax
vaccine be easily traceable form 
physicians records? It would surely narrow the
list of suspects at present, until we
immunize a few million soldiers, that is.
Of course the common anthrax vaccine used
for cattle is known to work just fine in humans,
and it is fairly easy to obtain and would be
more difficult to trace. 

> You say that the immunisation of millions of American soldiers will
> create an army of people capable of growing anthrax. Towards the end
> of your post you then say that the vaccine the army vaccinates it's
> troops with is 'totally ineffective against the most virulent
> strains'.  Surely this is a contradiction? 

The Russians have stated that they have developed
vaccine proof anthrax strains, but terrorists would most
likely use more common strains, which anyone can easily
obtain because anthrax infected cattle are quite
common and the organism can be recovered
from the dead animal long after death. 
> [..] 
> Also, it would be possible (but perhaps foolish) to work with anthrax
> unvaccinated. You just need a decent safety cabinet and other such
> facilities.
Easy to work with, true, but subsequent
large scale cultivation and dispersal of
the organism would be impractical without
prior immunization.

> I really think you are worrying too much about this right now. As I
> have said in another post on this topic, there is not enough control
> of biological weapon to make them a viable option at the moment.

On the contrary, I think you are
dismissing the terrorism possibility much too
quickly. Fortunately all microbiologists
have high levels of morality and sanity-
indeed, that Unabomber fellow was a
mathematician (and those guys are nearly ALL nuts).

-John Smith  

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