Reference bacteria.

Doug Jones duge4wd at email.msn.com
Mon Oct 26 23:16:52 EST 1998

Bjorn P. wrote in message <70vskl$ije$1 at readme.online.no>...
>I need to have different types of bacteria available for my in house
>assurance system.
>When you inoculate a petridish with this reference bacteria, for how long
>would you keep it and pick colonies, and still be sure you do not get
>alteration of the properties of the bacteria?
>Bjorn P.
I suppose it depends on the bacteria you are culturing. It would be best to
transfer the culture into some form of cold-storage ASAP when not in use. If
you have access to at least a -20C freezer you can maintain cultures in
20-50% glycerol for some time, we use a -70C for long term storage in 20%
glycerol. Some plasmid changes could occur, so the best is -135C on 20%
glycerol. OR, you could lyophilize your cultures for indefinite storage.

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