John Smith sendnoemail at futurex.com
Mon Oct 26 17:45:31 EST 1998

> I'd be more worried about other bugs than Ebola or Marburg.  Like a really
> nasty flu strain.
> T.D. Laing
> tdlaing at dres.dnd.ca

The US government is worried mainly
about anthrax, the ideal bug of choice for
terrorists. Unfortunately, the approved plan to
immunize the entire US army will only
create several million ex-soldiers who
will now have the potential to grow anthrax
bioweapons. You see, the first step in 
making a bioweapon is to be immunized
against the organism in question, otherwise
growing the bug would be suicidal. It is quite
uncommon for a human to be inoculated
with an anthrax vaccine at present, hence
the potential number of anthrax-growing terrorists
is nearly zero. That will soon change thanks
to the foolish government policy of immunizing
our troops against anthrax- an immunization
that, incidentally is totally ineffective against the
most virulent strains.

Another biowarfare irony.

-John Smith  

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