fybog fybog at NOSPAMhotmail.com
Sat Oct 24 05:40:12 EST 1998

I would have to agree will Bill. You are still young and you should
keep your options open. You don't really need to be planning for a PhD
just yet. If you are interested in microbiology and you want to follow
a career in that area then start with the BS, see how you feel about
that and what your options are, then make a decision about the PhD/MS.

Also, money really isn't everything. Whatever career you follow you
will be doing from 9-5 everyday for 40+ years. You have to like it (or
at least like the money enough to make it worthwhile going to a job
you hate). These are other things you must consider. I don't get paid
a lot of money a a microbiologist (by a very long straw!), but I get
more than enough job satifaction to make that OK. I know that I make a
real difference to people's lives and that is enough for me. You may
feel differently.

Try to keep your mind open a little and find out more about what
exactly it is that you want to do and try to get some experience if
you can.

Hope I have been of some help.

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