trypan blue staining?

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> hello,
> earlier in the week I saw a post regarding viability staining and someone
> recommended trying trypan blue from Sigma.  after thinking about it I de-
> cided that it may be a useful idea to check out.  I contacted Aldrich (of
> Sigma-Aldrich) and they had no knowledge of it being used for viability
> staining.
> the one reference i've heard about is its use in histology and its
> could whomever was involved in the postings please contact me and relate in
> what context the use of trypan blue was being discussed.
> thanks in advance.
> all the best,
> michael
> michael.hall at robertmondavi.com

Unfortunatelly things are a bit more complex than using TpB or buying a
fluorescent staining / kit from molecular probes. For a more detailed
definition / detection of physiological functions to overcome the limitations
of the viability definition see
http://www.cyto.purdue.edu/flowcyt/research/micrflow/gerhard/gerhard.htm For
further discussion on the subject you might want to come to a meeting of the
Daenisch society for flow cytometry in December 1998. Whilst dye exclusion
methods are generally a good way to determine cell death, they have their
pitfalls too as they can fail under pore-forming conditions. In addition
reproductive growth can be inhibited by DNA damage for example by radiation,
not reflected in membrane function.

Good luck

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