need help!

Christer Viktorsson chris.viktorsson at swipnet.se
Thu Oct 22 13:35:40 EST 1998


I'm a 19 year old college student from Sweden. I have a Report that has to
be handed in by 6/11/98! But I have problems what to write and I really need
a decent grade in Biology to enter University...So if anyone of you want to
help, please do so!

I'll try to describe what we did on the lab and the questions the teacher
wants us to answer:
1) We looked at our own cheek cells under microscope (what a sight!!!)
2) We looked at an onion cell under microscope
3) We looked at Elodea under microscope

*Discuss the difference between the cells!
*Why did we compare 2 plant cells to 1 animal cell?
*Write a conclusion/discussion!

Then finally, we were suppose to draw what we saw under the microscope(from
the cheek, onion and elodea cells). What I got was really messy and I can't
lable them. So if anyone could help me with that as well I would be so


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