Gender in Names/Biology Formerly: Re: Careers in Microbiology\

Patrick J. Maher maherp1 at TIGER.UOFS.EDU
Thu Oct 22 10:09:53 EST 1998

My original point was the if you are unfamiliar with the gender of the
name, it would be very rare that you would have a 50% chance of guessing
the correct gender.  For instance lets say you were talking about someone
named Pat in a Nursing class, since it is a nursing class which are mostly
female.  So if you were to blindly guess at a gender, yes there's a 50%
you'd be right, but if you were to guess that Pat was a she, then you'd
have maybe a 90% chance, depending on the femaleness of the class.  Now
let's say Pat's in an advanced engineering class, if you were to guess Pat
was a she like Nursing Pat you'd have a less than 50% chance b/c engineers
tend to be male.
So who ever it was who got this tread started by assuming AF was male was
slightly justified in this because biology is slightly more male than


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