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Owl 102644.2132 at compuserve.com
Tue Oct 20 19:20:21 EST 1998

Shaft wrote:
> That's very objective of you. But I think we can safely assume that the
> internet and the majority of biology departments and divisions is heavily
> gender-biased towards the male side.

I wonder why you assume that.  When I was in grad school (many years
the ratio in the biology department was nearly 1:1.  Now in the
the majority of biology-degreed applicants I see are female.  (The
converse is
true in engineering.)
    The studies I've seen do indicate that Usenet is biased toward
males.  This
may have many reasons.  (My computer account at work, for instance,
Usenet.  If I had no personal account, I wouldn't be in this
discussion.  Is
there a gender gap in personal accounts?)  But the gender gap in Usenet
does not imply a similar gap in biology degrees or employment.

........Owl (F)
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