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Rudi Tapper Rudi.Tapper at port.ac.uk
Mon Oct 19 16:53:02 EST 1998

The Microbiology Research Laboratory, University of Portsmouth, UK, headed
by Dr Iwona Beech, now has a web site. Visit
http://www.sci.port.ac.uk/~rzt/home.html to find out about our research into
microbial biofilms in such diverse situations as the corrosion of metals,
the deterioration of building materials, life on martian meteorites and
infections such as ulcerative colitis. Techniques used by the group include
Atomic force microscopy (AFM), SEM, Environmental SEM, Fluorescence
microscopy and Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR). Reprints of our papers may
be requested on the web site.

A web page with links to groups involved in biofilm research is under
construction. To be included on the page please send an e-mail to
Rudi.Tapper at port.ac.uk


Rudi Tapper, webmaster

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