Physical fractionation of a diverse skin microbe population

Mr. M.J. Lush mlush at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Oct 20 05:10:09 EST 1998

	We are looking for proteins that cause inflamatory skin 
disease.  One possibility is that the immune system is mounting a 
T-cell responce to microbial epitope.  In order to address this 
option we are thinking of making a microbial genomic library from 
skin scrapings (lots of skin scrapings!).  

	It would be very usefull if we could enrich for the bug 
were looking for.  So we are wondering if it is possible to fractionate 
microbes by size or density and determine by bioassay which fraction
contains the guilty party,  then derive a set of culture conditions 
(by tial and error) by which we could culture it?



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