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charles clinchot sengir at intercall.net
Sun Oct 18 23:10:15 EST 1998

   I have two possible goals;one is to continue my education to the
doctorate level specializing in genetics(which at this point is my more
favorable goal)or Microbiology, two be involed in some major reasearch in
which ever vien of biology I so choose. I have a BA. degree in Psychology
which I recieved in 1988. I am currently attempting to finish my degree in
Biology after that I plan to get (or try to get) a job in the field. There I
will take a rest from the class room and enjoy it with my ever so patient
wife. Since I am in the New Jersey area I will be seeking enployment in

                                                               Well thats
preaty much in a nutshell I hope you can help out.
                                                                I feel I
have much to contribute to the biological community.

Charles E. Clinchot

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