John Smith sendnoemail at futurex.com
Sun Oct 18 17:44:48 EST 1998

Deano wrote>...
> [...]
> Most countries admit that they are not cabable of controlling a bio-warfare
> attack (especially Europe) and there is no police force in the world that is
> trained to react against a germ-warfare bomb. Also although countries might
> try to seal their borders there are still people who own their own boats or
> planes that could go any where they want.
> [...]
> Deano.
I agree- humanity is astonishingly vulnerable
to a sweeping epidemic of a lethal genetically
engineered infectious agent, but most people
seem to regard the real possibility as unthinkable.

Meanwhile, advances in genetic engineering
continue, as do the proliferation of hostile
rogue states and terrorist groups. It seems that we
are on a collision course with disaster.

-John Smith

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