Q: How DO You Search for an Entry Level Position?

Harry Erwin herwin at gmu.edu
Sun Oct 18 17:59:41 EST 1998

I'm trying to help my son find an entry-level position in computational
biology in the USA.  He has a new degree in biomedical science, a
background in C++ programming, and a senior project that computed
primer-template bonding temperatures using a nearest-neighbor algorithm.
He's deferring grad school until he knows what specialized field he
wants to work in.  He's been e-mailing resumes to the human resources
offices of companies on the web, but I have the impression that he's
getting lost in the hundreds of resumes they must get that way.  I'm
sure there's a lot of research labs that could use his skills, but most
of them don't post their openings on the web.  Is there a better way to
do this?

Harry Erwin, Web Page: http://mason.gmu.edu/~herwin 
Senior Software Analyst supporting the FAA, PhD candidate in 
computational neuroscience--modeling how bats echolocate--and 
lecturer for CS 211 (data structures and advanced C++).

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