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Michael R. Thompson mthompson at pbi.nrc.ca
Fri Oct 16 14:42:21 EST 1998

Check out the Antimicrobial Peptide web page at
http://www.umdnj.edu/~acole/main1.html Many of the peptides act on microbial
membranes, and some of them (e.g. Magainins or their derivatives) are in
clinical trials as topical microbicides. The site has a lot of useful
information and links.

Regards, Mike

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Kirsty wrote in message <706oiq$ium at gutter.its.csiro.au>...
>Could anyone tell me where I could find information on attacking pathogenic
>microorganisms by interfering with their cell membranes, and whether this
>an effective method of disease control.
>I've already tried many online journals eg. asm.

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