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Fri Oct 16 14:32:23 EST 1998

Another possible rout could be the use of antibiotics to attack the cell
wall.  Many will attack the peptidoglycan  in most gram positive organism
rendering them susceptable to osmatic lysis.  A good example of this is
penicillin and its derivatives.

Graham Shepherd wrote in message <7084sr$nu7$1 at newnews.global.net.uk>...
>Kirsty wrote in message <706oiq$ium at gutter.its.csiro.au>...
>>Could anyone tell me where I could find information on attacking
>>microorganisms by interfering with their cell membranes, and whether this
>>an effective method of disease control.
>>I've already tried many online journals eg. asm.
>There are antibiotics which interfere with membrane transport or which
>disrupt transmembrane ion transport. I don't think there's much clinical
>for them. A lot of antiseptics and disinfectants will affect the cell
>membrane. Soaps and detergents too...

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