trypan blue staining?

Michael Kolotila mkolotila at necc.mass.edu
Fri Oct 16 06:09:39 EST 1998

  Trypan blue for testing for is, as I recall, a method that has been
around for quite a while.  As a former biologist, I used trypan blue to
test the viability of white cells.  Other stains can be used,such as
neutral red and acridine orange, though both have caveats about there
used.  There was a great book called Methods in Cellular Immunology and
the author's name began with a M, who describes trypan blue as well as a
couple of other viability stains.  A library search on supra-vital stains
should turn up a wealth of information for you.  Good luck.

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On 16 Oct 1998, Mkh528 wrote:

> hello,
> earlier in the week I saw a post regarding viability staining and someone
> recommended trying trypan blue from Sigma.  after thinking about it I de-
> cided that it may be a useful idea to check out.  I contacted Aldrich (of
> Sigma-Aldrich) and they had no knowledge of it being used for viability
> staining. 
> the one reference i've heard about is its use in histology and its instruction.
> could whomever was involved in the postings please contact me and relate in
> what context the use of trypan blue was being discussed.
> thanks in advance.
> all the best,
> michael
> michael.hall at robertmondavi.com

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