Patrick J. Maher maherp1 at TIGER.UOFS.EDU
Thu Oct 15 10:10:24 EST 1998

A microbe with a 100% kill rate would be very devistating indeed, but it's
this devistation that would lead to it's downfall.  If it killed everyone
it came into contact with, it'd probably kill off its carries before the
whole species was eradicated.  
A couple of things would make this all much worse, 1)  The disease killed
very slowly allowing the carrier to pass it on to many people, 2)  the
microbe could be passed on very easily, for example, through the air,  3)
even a dead carrier is infectious.  These characteristics would make the
microbe very devistating, but what would probably happen is an isolated
group(s) would survive and be able to repopulate.  The isolation could be
physical of genetic (ie immunity due to genetic variation).
Well, if that made any sense and answered your question, your welcome


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