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I suggest you take a look at the noval " Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy" 
Its very accurate fiction of what your asking about.

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>I saw a PBS show on Biowarfare (a "Frontline")
>a couple of nights ago. The Russians worked for
>decades on bioweapons, with thousands of scientists
>and 40 facilities across their nation, oblivious to
>all prohibitive treaties.
>Much of the work was evidently to create
>highly lethal variants of all known deadly
>organisms, and some work may have been
>to genetically combine strains to create
>entirely new hybrid organisms that could
>overwhelm any attempt at immunization.
>A small pox - ebola hybrid was rumored
>to have been engineered.
>My questions are as follows:
>1. What constraints are there in evolution
>that would prevent some deadly naturally occurring microbe
>from mutating attaining a 100 percent kill rate for a species
>(such as man)? It is possible that many
>species have been eradicated in this manner?
>2. Does anyone think it is too difficult
>to make, mutate, or isolate a microbe
>that could indeed lethally infect all
>humans, killing everyone on Earth?
>-John Smith  

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