A good mycology manual

David Slomczynski boytrytis at peachnet.campus.mci.net
Sat Oct 10 18:27:26 EST 1998

In article < at pilot.msu.edu>, smithtr at PILOT.MSU.EDU (Tracy Smith) wrote:
>Check out the "Medical Mycology Manual with Human Mycoses Monograph" by E.
>S. Beneke and A. L. Rogers, ISBN 0-02-308190-2.  I have the fourth edition
>(1980), a soft cover for about $30 that is very complete and has excellent
>photographs.  But I heard that supplies might be limited.  A newer edition
>(1996) is available as a hard cover for about $50.  Don't know if that one
>has good photos.  Cheers, T
There is another good manual Fungi from Utility Poles by Wang and ? ATCC 
publishes the book and can be bought for around $25.00 - Good picutres and 
media recipes

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