universal primers for 23S

Pierre Juteau pierre.juteau at nrc.ca
Fri Oct 9 12:42:20 EST 1998

I'm looking for universal primers to amplify 23S rRNA genes from
bacterial communities showing high diversity (proteobacteria,
actinomycetes, etc). I found some articles where authors used 23S
primers but they generaly target closely related organisms. There is
those published by D.J. Lane (1991. Nucleic acid techniques in bacterial
systematics. pp. 115-175) but the author himself considered that they
are not so universal. I have also the paper of van Camp et al. (1993.
Current Microbiology. 27:147-151) who proposed 9 primers that seems to
be efficient with a variety of bacteria. Is there somebody who have
experience whith these ones? Or any other suggestion?
Pierre Juteau
Biotechnology Research Institute
National Research Council Canada                       
Montreal, Quebec, Canada                             

pierre.juteau at nrc.ca

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