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>Karl Roberts wrote:
>It's unfortunate that many universities just don't tell the students
>what they can realistically expect. Things are different now than in 
>professors' day.

Having been around for some time, joined ASM in 1965, I would say 
that for most people things are not that different than in 
their professor's day.  The job market for PhD microbiologists has
been pitiful for almost 3 decades.  I first wrote about this problem in 
a letter to ASM news during the early part of the 1970s--sorry I don't 
have the citation. No one paid attention!

There was a brief golden era immediately following SPUTNIK. It 
lasted nearly a generation, perhaps 15-20 years.  Since then, 
there has  been a long and slow and painful downturn compounded
by the lost focus and identity of 'microbiology,' which has now
been subsumed by biochem and genetics.

Micro (whatever we mean by the term) is still a great area to be in
from the intellectual point of view.  The subject matter is 
fascinating and I must admit that I still am thrilled to death every
time I look at a platel.  But we have collectively lost our way,
and this is evident in the employement picture.

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