Earth's Origin Indicated by Earth's Output

Hybrid peggy at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 8 19:32:16 EST 1998

Your beautiful theory is flawed o mighty scientist dude. If DNA reached
this planet by extraterrestrial means, hypothetically speaking of course,
then it would stand to reason that this alien DNA came from another
planet. Now following your THEORY, that planet's DNA was also deposited by
some alien presence. Do you see where I'm going with this? Repeat this
process enough and you will eventually come to a lonely planet from which
DNA originates. At such a planet, devoid of life of course, how else could
DNA come to being by any other method than inorganic synthesis? Cool
theory though.

"Ha ha ha. Gotcha"
   -Hermes, the trickster god of ancient Olympus

"Damn it you little prick!"
   -Ares, the god of war of ancient Olympus (short fuse)


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