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Stefanie Greve S.Greve at tu-bs.de
Thu Oct 8 22:30:31 EST 1998

dahd wrote:
> >
> >ANd that Sir, has nothing whatsoever to do with the
> >> tidiness of a C.V.
> >
> >'Sir'???? Madame if you please!! While I admit to extensive genetic
> >engineering expertise, I don't normally try new techniques on my own
> >genome...<g> It would be interesting to know why you made the
> >assumption..
> Madame is fine, I just did not realize your gender as I was responding.
> OTOH, do you really wish to be called, "Madame."
> In our society "Madame" has an alternative meaning that you might not
> like.
> "Sir" as used above is (perversely) gender neutral. But that has
> nothing whatsoever to do with sci. biology. careers. research.
> academia etc.
> My sincere apology.  I did not realize that "a.ferszt" denoted the
> feminine gender.

Please excuse me for intruding on your conversation. 

What is the alternative meaning of "Madame"? You made me really


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