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>> Lest you say again it doesn't matter...I once
>obtained a research position in a famous department of a famous
>university simply because I was the only person who bothered to 'dress
>up'. The professor was of the old school, and got fed up with people
>turning up in jeans and T-shirts! He told me that he felt that I
>respected the position and him, and would probably respect the project
>enough to do a good job. Yes it's trivial, but that's life.

What I meant was that spelling and useage on newsnet discussion groups
is irrelevant. Of course a poorly written C.V. and poor appearance
at interview time will hurt the candidate.

Still, the real problem with employement for scientists these days
is primarily an odd mix of overspecialization, too much PhD production,
too few new jobs.

That is why we have developed an entirely new underclass-- the perpetual
postdoc.  ANd that Sir, has nothing whatsoever to do with the
tidiness of a C.V. 

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