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Søren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Thu Oct 8 08:41:07 EST 1998

NEW in revision 112:
Revision 112 includes an new function for automated mail blast search. Simply load your sequences
into a project and start the mail blast search. DNATools will then send your sequences as e-mails to

a mail blast server (e.g. NCBI), wait until the result is returned to your mailbox and finally build

the search data into the sequence header of your files.


Dear DNATools user,

As I have indicated in my previous notes, DNATools has been used by a number of people, including
myself during several years. This implies that the various functions of the program
have been continuously tested by scientists actually working with sequences. As a result, I have
recieved many comments and suggestions from a fairly large group of end-users.

Unlike most commercial programs, my ambition has been to make corrections and improvements to
DNATools whenever someone draws my attention to a bug, a correction or an improvement. The program
is then compiled and the new revision made available to all users.

A drawback of this policy is of course that the number of updates is large - and that many users
have different versions/revisions which makes it difficult for me to comment on errors in older
versions. The advantage, on the other hand, is that users get immediate response to their
suggestions and bug reports.

People that don't want to continuously download new updates are obviously free to stick to the
version they already have. For those of you that don't like bugs, please compare the version and
revision number of your copy with the files located at:


51112_EXE.ZIP contains the most recent exe and hlp files.
DT_51112.ZIP contains the most recent complete setup.

to see if a newer version and/or revision is available. Replace your current copy with the latest
update and check if the problem still persists. If it does then contact me at swr at crc.dk

Re-installation is normally not necessary if you just replace the exe and help files. In case you
experience problems starting and/or running DNATools after replacing the two files, your
installation is probably too old and you have to run a complete setup.

If you are interested in being kept informed directly about the life of DNATools, please
send your name and e-mail address to swr at crc.dk.

Best regards


Dr. scient. Søren W. Rasmussen
Carlsberg Laboratory, Department of Physiology
10 Gl. Carlsbergvej, DK-2500, Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone  45 3327 5230 / 45 3616 2259, Fax 45 3327 4766
E-mail swr at crc.dk

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