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>David Lacey wrote:
>> I have resently been excepted to a few Ph D programs (U of Arizona 
and U
>> of Montana) in microbial ecology but am having second thoughts about
>> entering.  Outside of academia, what career options would I have.  I 
>> interested in the research and would injoy working on my PhD but with 
>> glut of PHDs that I am told exist what kind of job would I find.
>> Dave
>Without being too rude about it, you may not find a decent job unless
>your spelling, grammar and punctuation improve. When I've had to look 
>CVs, the ones with mistakes such as you've made were tossed out. There
>are always other people who can do the job just as well.

While you are fundamentally correct, these things are typically ignored
in newsgroup discussions.  The big issue this person will face is
a very very difficult overcrowded job market. If lucky enough to
find employment, the salaries usually do not justify the investment
for earning the degree.  In the big scheme of things, the issues
you raised are irrelevant.

No job market= no job= postdoc forever!

The situation is nuts, and it is high time it be stoped.

Again, see newsgroup discussions at sci.research.careers

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