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In article <01bdf138$dede11c0$53ac8080 at siberia.mbl.edu>, mriley at mbl.edu 
>Two postdoctoral positions at Bay Paul Center for Molecular Evolution 
>Comparative Biology, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA 
>attention Dr. Monica Riley
(position descriptions deleted)

What advantage would a newly minted PhD gain from studying in your
lab?  The subject matter is obviously interesting, but....

Would a postdoc who worked with you necessarily become more employable
as a result of the experience? Might the postdoc become less employable?

For too long we have (that is the microbiology community; ASM et al.)
continued to do PhD and Postdoc production with little consideration
of the economic impact.

Each mentor, must, should, (if they want a clear conscience) consider
whether the positions and training they offer are going to be
assets or liabilities to the recipient.

The positions you advertise might be great with wonderful for  future
prospects.  I don't mean to impy otherwise, or to imply anything
negative about you individually.

I am taking the opportunity your position announcement afforded to 
speak my mind on an important issue.  Overproduction and underemployment
in science generally, and microbiology in particular.

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